• This trio of Girlsway scenes features bland content and less than stellar casts, packaged for a VOD release.

    Whitney Wright and Eliza Ibarra portray a clueless pair who sign up for a "scientific study" run by Casey Calvert (who also co-directed the episode), to get some quick cash to pay their rent.

    The girls chat about whether they'll receive superpowers (like Superman has) with which to spy on the boys' lockerroom, the height of cliche with only the gender switched). Then they find out Casey is studying lesbians, and instantly go bi, and have sex with each other while WW watches. Pretty dumb.

    Dumber is a scene set in a library, where librarian Karla Kush bawls out horny Kiara Cole for masturbating there. She threatens to report her, but will remain silent if lovely Kiara has sex with her.

    Ibarra returns in the final scene, as a student who bonds with her teacher Ryan Keely. Keely seduces her and they have sex in the classroom. IMDb minibio identifies actress Keely as "slender", but she's verging on plumper status these days, having evolved into corny MILF roles lately.