• B. Skow at Girlfriends Films has turned this long-running series into all-sex filler.

    The cast is fine but wasted, especially the potential for a pairing of contrasting superstars Anissa Kate and Charlotte Stokely. They come home after a night out and have sex. Ho-hum.

    That's the problem with all four vignettes: anything the least bit interesting is off-screen, merely described by the players in improvised dialogue. Skow saves a buck with a minimalist approach -no physical action, just a couple of actresses in a room schmoozing and then having sex.

    Teaming two redheads sounds hot, but it's merely gonzo action for new contract star Lacy Lennon and larger than life Annabel Redd. Lacy is already being overworked by Girlfriends with a second segment paired with Ember Snow for interracial action.

    In that scene the improvised dialogue is risible, as Lacy, playing a shy lover who complains about Ember's forcing her to meet and mingle with her friends (off-screen only), says at one point that she's "interverted".

    Remaining scene has blonde on blonde action of the May/December romance variety, with Kay Carter dominating Eliza Eves, latter a sexy youngster who can't act at all, spitting out dialog as she stares at the floor.