• Jon Dough, trying his hand at directing (not a bright idea) perpetrated this annoying VCA Platinum Plus release. Styled as avant-garde and surreal, it is merely insulting.

    Dough cast himself as an irritating, know-it-all bartender, dealing vignette-style with a series of odd customers, who each have a gonzo sex scene in and around the bar. Characters materializing or disappearing keeps reminding us that this is a fantasy, perhaps representing Purgatory or some Satanic environment.

    Dough's character exhibits a great deal of the title trait, lecturing or browbeating his customers rather than acting like a confessor. Predictably he gets to have the movie's final sex scene: seduced by Brooke Waters.

    The other protagonists are a motley bunch: Jonathan Morgan as a not ready for primetime version of The Ladies Man, who proves to suffer from premature ejaculation. Then there's T. T. Boy, full of anger, plus jealousy regarding his lady, Nicole Lace. He gets a sex scene with her, and later is the subject of Dough's kinkiest concoction: forced to have sex with a pair of dominant women who mistreat him and after the cum shot apply baby powder and clothe T. T. in a diaper.

    With emphasis on sexy actresses clad in latex outfits (note that Dough starred in in the classic "Latex" the year before), the fantasy sex scenes are probably all that viewers care about, but the smug attitude sustained here is not supported by any depth to the script or performances.