• Even by his own standards, this is a clunker from Max Hardcore, early in his execrable career. Self-indulgent in the extreme, it has him giving starlets the old casting couch routine at his office or out by the pool, and boring the viewer with his dull patter as if this was a cinema verite documentary of a man at work.

    He even throws in his critique of the mainstream Adult Cinema industry that he was out to destroy (and succeeded in doing so). Thumbing through a 95-page screenplay, he tosses it across the room, aghast at how anyone could foist story-oriented erotica on the public. No, only rough Gonzo crap will do for Max.

    Yet this filler of him pretending to audition starlets, with trusty assistant Tim Lake also trying out the new talent, is clearly not enough for his audience -way too vanilla. So we're treated to footage of Max watching his rougher content (mainly anal sex) on his TV monitor.

    IMDb persists in pretending to include "actual credits displayed on screen", spelling errors and all, yet it is next to impossible to correct the thousands of errors stored in its database -whoever submitted them first is deemed correct without possibility of fixing. For the record, the actual credits on this clunker as shown on the original video screen are: Max is credited for all his functions as Max Steiner, but misspelled Stiener in opening cast credits; Whitney Banks is Destini Lane; Vixxxen is Vixxen; Veronica Sage is Veronica Lake.