• 31 July 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's pretty lovely. Animation is beautiful, characters are colorful, soundtrack is nice, the mice are funny and adorable, Lucifer is despicable but funny. Fairy godmother is pretty interesting too.

    The only characters with very little personality, or the two least interesting characters would sadly be the prince and Cinderella herself. She was weak willed enough to become a servant in her own home, she is nice and hardworking but doesn't really have an interesting personality aside from being a martyr/wallflower. The prince is hardly shown at all and we know pretty much nothing about him.

    They fall in love literally at first sight, instantly and then many things happen before they get their happily ever after.

    It's a cute story and I can see why it would be so adored, but things very, very rarely work out this way in real life. And we all know there were and always will be countless young girls/women who hope their love lives will turn out similarly. It may be a cartoon but it's powerful and influential, and the messages it gives here are a tad outdated and unrealistic.

    Still a nice movie though.