• So, first things first, the characters are downright hideously drawn, especially the main character, whose face we have to see more often than others.

    He also has the voice of a grown man, rather than a little boy.

    Ryan, another character has a similar thing going for him. He looks 40 but with the height of a dwarf. His voice is raspy, like he just a had a massive throat surgery or something.

    For me, the way characters look or sound matters a lot. Not a crazy lot but they should look and sound ok at very least.

    Then again, cartoon network has always had a taste for hideous animation, loud noises and all that. Thus why I don't particularly like almost any of their cartoons.

    I didn't bother trying more than a pilot because it's already unappealing on the most basic level... So, I'm not sure how it is, but not sure I want to find out much more either. It's nothing special.