• Warning: Spoilers
    The title of my reviews says a lot, but here we go anyway... For one thing, the boxtrolls are very, very ugly, downright hideous. Eggs isn't really ugly but his face looks kind of stupid somehow. Like his IQ isn't far over 75 to say the least. So, animation fails big time, at very least regarding the appearances of the main characters.

    Second, plot is all too common and basic. Weird guy/s that the villain persecutes as a monster, being protected by their friends and of course down the line the tables turn. Yawn. Seen it tons of times.

    Third the characters lack intelligence. As shown in very little dialogue in the movie and even the dialogue that's there is on about caveman's level of intelligence.

    I didn't finish the movie, nor do I feel a need to do so anytime soon. First impressions matter, appearances matter - to an extent at least, where you aren't repulsed by it. And this one, as the title says, has failed on those most basic fronts.