• Warning: Spoilers
    The ratings for this movie are significantly higher than it actually deserves.

    I think a lot of it has to do with religious elements in it, plus in my opinion the people who are most likely to enjoy this type of movies are those who can relate to its hero. People who struggle with anger issues, marriage issues, alcoholism or other kinds of addictions. They love watching someone with issues like theirs straighten up and act right. They probably feel inspired by it and promise themselves they will fix their lives too. I suppose it's a well-meaning message but reality is usually different.

    Most people like the hero here don't think they are the problem, they think everyone else is the problem. They very rarely want to acknowledge their issues or to change. I've seen it in real life or through the people I've personally known. It very rarely works out this way. Women in his wife's situation are getting false hopes from this. His wife accepted him back far too fast and didn't give it any time to test him, to actually see whether he'd change like he promised.

    It's sugary and unrealistic. Pretty corny. People need to wake up and view things more realistically. As sweet as this kind of outcome would be, in reality it doesn't come so fast or easy, you gotta work for it hard and consistently and then it's attainable. End of story.