• Warning: Spoilers
    I rarely watch Scandinavian movies, not because I'm not interested but because I rarely come across one on sites where I normally watch movies.

    Here, we have a husband whose gone astray to cheat on his wife with a younger, more beautiful woman and he actually fell in love with her.

    His wife looks older than him and she's not too easy on the eyes either, but not awful. That's beside the point. She sacrificed her career to raise and nurture their son who was always ill due to some undefined disease. Or they defined it but I kinda skimmed or skipped a minute or two in parts that seemed boring or bland so I don't know.

    Either way his wife finds out and his mistress pressures him into leaving his wife and son to be with her. Unlike most men this guy was actually really wanting to leave the wife and son and be with that other woman. He even tried to kill his wife after leaving her proved to be more trouble than it's worth. That's how bad he wanted to be with that girl.

    Thankfully his wife wasn't stupid and wasn't to be toyed with, abandoned or otherwise mistreated. She really put both him and that mistress in their place like a pro. Alright, most people, myself included, wouldn't go as far as she did with murder and all, but at least she came out of the other side as a winner. She got very close to having her husband kill the mistress with his own hands, but as he was always a weak, manipulative douche, she had to step in and do it for him. Nonetheless, this "man" was then further put into his place when she made him help her dispose of the body. He couldn't say anything, he was trapped and had to do what he was told. Cause if not, he would suffer some pretty rough consequences.

    The wife may have gone very far, but at least she didn't allow a man like this to destroy her life and her son's life along the way.

    The guy got what he deserved, he was weak and not man enough to handle the situation with maturity and honesty. Actually he couldn't do it because if he had, the wife would expose his dirt for the cops to see.

    It's pretty smart, they got a bittersweet ending. Wife held her own by any means available, and he lost his mistress, but managed to stay out of jail. Now he has to put up with his wife for good and that's pretty much it.

    His wife may be a bit psycho but she was still smart and pulled the better end of the deal for herself. So, if I had to choose in whose shoes among them I'd rather be, I'd say the wife, no questions asked...