• Paul Thomas made hundreds of movies for Vivid, including the label's top all time hits. He also apparently had the carte blanche to hand in utter crap, such as this inept junker.

    It's vaguely pretentious and experimental but hard to watch. That's because the footage is randomly presented, makes no sense, and is self-indulgent.

    Non-story takes place at an atmospheric old theater, with facade and decoration indicating it is a tribute to Shakespeare's original Globe in England. Kira Kener is working on wardrobe for two beautiful actresses, one of whom is misidentified in the credits (probably a re-casting during production). The blondes make love, pure filler.

    Recurring shots of Kira walking to work have all the men, including Shylar Kobi and director Paul Thomas ogling her, and on the verge of stalking, but this amounts to nothing. A few reels later Mercedez takes over the role of Kira, utterly confusing, with only the DVD box cover listing Mercedez's role as "Kira Replacement" to not really explain.

    Mercedez is terminally horny, masturbating a lot, watching porn, and even cryptically barging in on a couple -Evan Stone and Haley Paige, inveigling her way into threesome sex with them.

    Yet the real Kira Kener returns to her role and has sex with co-worker at the theater Randy Spears. Also, in a truly ludicrous scene, Kira suddenly plays Juliet with a cop Nick Manning playing Romeo, giving some of the worst line readings I've ever heard.

    Bunuel, known for his surrealist works, once memorably used two actresses seamlessly in the same role for his final movie "That Obscure Object of Desire", but Paul Thomas is no Bunuel (to belabor the obvious).