• Eric Edwards earned that old line: "Better not quit your day job", producing and directing this old-old-fashioned porn comedy, which plays like a no-talent Summer Stock play, boring and static. Cast of porn regulars overact with XXX downplayed and seemingly immaterial (first sex scene doesn't take place until 1/2 an hour has slowly elapsed).

    Replete with his own voice-over, Eric as a motel's night manager on Friday night insists on making many a failed joke, just killing time. His leading lady Taija Rae has something of a Bernadette Peters appeal as a sympathetic prostitute, while at the opposite extreme BDSM specialist Tantala Ray is insufferable as a harridan giving her husband Wayne Stevens a hard time and Ona Zee is pure stereotype in a hoary portrayal of a Latina maid who keeps making mistakes with English.

    Plenty of self-indulgence is on display: Billy Dee and Jon Martin cast as Good Ole Boy truckers, and especially Nick Random embarrassing as Taija's first customer, doing lots of bits of business until stooping to playing a handpuppet to interact and role-play with Rae. One scene stealer succeeds: Nikki Knights styled in red as sort of a devil character having a threesome with hubby Jesse Eastern and Taija. And Mike Horner and Shanna McCullough are thrown into the mix as newlyweds.