• Warning: Spoilers
    ......and I will be watching it again. The characters are mostly idiots and shriekers, but The Blight creature is outstanding. There is now way to relate to it, understand it or even know where it came from and it is truly the epitome of insanity in a chaotic form unlike Jason, Freddy and The Shape.

    I think Johnny Hickey was excellent in this, portraying a psychopath who had no rhyme or reason, His character was frightening because you never knew what was coming next from him. The rest of the cast did OK but no-one made you care about them. In the second half of the movie I was just waiting for The Blight to appear again. There's no credit for The Blight in the cast list so it's possible that it was Johnny hickey that played him. I think The Blight is one of the most memorable monsters since Leatherface; just totally on a different wavelength to every one else.

    I still don't understand what was going on in the movie but will watch it again just to see more of The Blight.

    Many reviews say it's a rubbish movie and the 10/10 reviews are obviously shills. I've tried to fair to this movie as it is way better than some of the real carp I've watched. It may well be rubbish, I really don't know as it's hard to follow, but I do know that watching the Blight is a lot of fun.