• Warning: Spoilers
    The dude that played the Blight was fantastic as that character. His other character was only in the movie for a few minutes and sadly like every other character he wasn't developed enough to care about. There's some trippy scenes but the super on the nose message at the end took an ok but confusing movie into a giant eye roll. They could've kept a lot of the movie and just made the blight some evil being or psycho the asylum messed up and this could have been an enjoyable horror flick.

    Also it seems like the casting director has a type because the all the women but one are hard to tell apart appearance wise. It gets confusing who's doing what. The woman playing Kim is the one that looks different so that's why she's the only one I can name. She was pretty good in her creepy scenes as well. The rest of the cast was just kinda there.

    I gave a four just for those two performances. If you don't mind ambiguous endings turn it off when the hospital scene towards the end starts and it'll probably improve the experience.