Trending Stars: Who Won Sundance on IMDb?

by IMDb-Editors | last updated - 03 Feb 2017

We crunched the numbers to see which Sundance 2017 stars were trending on IMDb throughout the festival, from Jan. 16-29. Based on pageviews, here at the top 10 names that stayed at the top of our trending chart for the longest period on IMDb. – Michael Rosser

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Lily Collins

Rank: 10. Lily Collins

Length of time at #1: 9hrs 48mins

Collins opened up at Sundance about suffering with an eating disorder as a teenager – the subject of To the Bone in which she stars. Collins, who transformed herself physically for the role, discussed her personal connections to the film in the IMDb Studio at Sundance. The film, which marks the feature directorial debut of screenwriter Marti Noxon, was also scooped up by Netflix during the festival and was one of the top trending films at Sundance on IMDb.

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Salma Hayek

Rank: 9. Salma Hayek

Length of time at #1: 9hrs 54mins

Hayek was at Sundance to talk up Beatriz at Dinner, a dark comedy-drama in which she plays a holistic medicine practitioner who attends a wealthy client's dinner party. Speaking to IMDb, Hayek said she “felt like the luckiest person in the world” when she received the script, which she described as an “amazing jewel.”

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Alison Brie

Rank: 8. Alison Brie

Length of time at #1: 9hrs 58mins

Brie was at Sundance with convent comedy The Little Hours, which also trended during the festival. This was perhaps due to the lascivious nature of the film, in which nuns take in a runaway – played by Brie’s fiancée Dave Franco – and try to have their way with him. Brie describes it better in IMDb's interview with the cast.

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Michelle Monaghan

Rank: 7. Michelle Monaghan

Length of time at #1: 10hrs 17mins

Monaghan was one of two stars of coming-of-age drama Sidney Hall that trended during Sundance alongside Elle Fanning. Speaking about the film, Monaghan said her character had experienced “arrested development” after having a child at a young age and was “unlike any character” she’d previously had the opportunity to play.

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Zoey Deutch

Rank: 6. Zoey Deutch

Length of time at #1: 13hrs 0mins

Deutch has gained interest recently following a string of roles in comedies such as Why Him?, Everybody Wants Some!!, and Dirty Grandpa. Her presence at Sundance marked a move into more serious roles in mystery drama Before I Fall and J.D. Salinger biopic Rebel in the Rye.

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Dave Bautista

Rank: 5. Dave Bautista

Length of time at #1: 16hrs 40mins

The former pro-wrestler has already gained an army of new fans following his role as the aggressive but lovable Drax in Marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy. In Sundance movie Bushwick, Bautista plays a war veteran who takes action when a military force invades his Brooklyn neighborhood. He talked to IMDb about making the move from the wrestling ring to the big screen.

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Kristen Stewart

Rank: 4. Kristen Stewart

Length of time at #1: 18hrs 2mins

The Twilight still has a strong following, five years after the end of the franchise, and was at Sundance with a short film she directed, Come Swim.

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Elle Fanning

Rank: 3. Elle Fanning

Length of time at #1: 20hrs 5mins

Fanning has starred in a string of recently-released movies including Oscar-nominated 20th Century Women and crime drama Live By Night. The actress was at Sundance with Sidney Hall, in which she plays the high school sweetheart of the title character. “It feels like a very real interpretation of what a relationship feels like,” Fanning told IMDb.

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Elizabeth Olsen

Rank: 2. Elizabeth Olsen

Length of time at #1: 1 day 4hrs 12mins

Along with Dave Bautista, Olsen is another actor with legions of fans thanks to her role as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She also had two movies at Sundance: Wind River opposite Jeremy Renner; and Ingrid Goes West, in which she plays a social media star opposite Aubrey Plaza. Wind River was also one of the top trending movies at Sundance.

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Teresa Palmer

Rank: 1. Teresa Palmer

Length of time at #1: 2 days 14hrs 6mins

The Australian actress was the top trending star at Sundance on IMDb by some margin. Palmer has a role in war movie Hacksaw Ridge, which picked up six Oscar nominations during the last week of the festival. She also stars in thriller Berlin Syndrome, which played in the World Drama strand of Sundance. In addition, Palmer talked to IMDb about her first on-screen kiss, with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

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