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  • boblipton19 October 2013
    Wallace McCutcheon directed this slapstick comedy about a man who goes out on the town and gets home too drunk to open his door with a key. After throwing a brick at a window to attract his wife's attention -- only to have it hit him on the way down -- he tries climbing into the second floor window with the usual disastrous results.

    I titled this review "the old model" and it clearly is. It's a stage comedy from beginning to end, from its stage backdrops to the mannered and artificial way in which Anthony O'Sullivan, as the star, takes his pratfalls. Soon Griffith would take over the studio and change everything.

    Mack Sennett has a small role in this one, though. He had some ideas of his own...
  • The 28 year old Mack Sennett followed D.W. Griffith by acting in films like 'Thompson's Night Out' before going on to write and direct their own projects. This particularly was dull and tacky, but it enabled Sennett to pad out his c.v.