• WARNING: Spoilers

    The 6th film made by Nordisk (from Denmark) in their Sherlock Holmes series. Alternate titles include The Grey Lady and The Grey Dame. Viggo Larsen both directed and starred in the film, which lasted either 14 or 10 minutes, according to varying sources. This series began in 1908. The plot centers on a legend: anyone who glimpses a woman dressed in grey will die. This was a fast-paced "adventure" type film with ghostly superimposition effects. This was Larsen's last film in the series. He would be replaced by Otto Lagoni, Alwin Neuss, and Holger Rasmussen. In 1914, the Vitascope company (in Germany) began another "major" series of Sherlock Holmes films with "Der Hund Von Baskerville", starring Alwin Neuss. One point on a cast member: the actor listed previously on IMDB as "Holger Madsen" was actually named "Forest Holger-Madsen". As you can see, the "Holger-Madsen" part of his name were last names, not a first and last name. THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN ANY OF MY REVIEWS OR SYNOPSES!!!