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  • A question will be raised upon seeing this film, whether it is quite the thing to accept the fact as here set forth that a girl driving a prairie schooner can hold her against Indians on horseback. If the photoplay is looked upon as an accurate description of life of course this scene must be considered too unreal to be included. If, however, the story of the picture is to be considered as the principal feature, then this incident assists in holding interest. It must be admitted that the average audience will enjoy the thrill which this scene affords without analyzing the possibilities of it too closely. The fight at the shack is not improbable. In fact, the same thing has been done a good many times before, while the appearance of the ranchmen and the beating off of the Indians are but incidents which have been many times repeated. That an audience will be pleased with this picture is certain. The improbability of the thrilling race in the first scenes will not mar the enjoyment of the story excepting in a few people. - The Moving Picture World, April 15, 1911