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  • A very artistic and well-acted picture full of brilliant moments of insight into human moods and showing imagination in a marked degree. The story is quite fresh throughout, although the situation or situations very close to it have been used many times. The unusually high quality of the work comes chiefly from the almost faultless naturalness with which the story is led forward by the producer who astonishes us at times by the unconstrained way in which a group of figures in its scenes, with the perfect illusion of unconsciousness, affect each other. The ability to accomplish this is often considered to be the surest hallmark of a true dramatist, and even prized above clever plot construction. The camera work and the sets and backgrounds are perfect and add much interest to the story. We are shown the rather selfish society matron in financial straits, and her pretty daughter who has awakened the love of a middle aged, good man of wealth. We are now shown a glimpse of married life as these two found it, with heart-break ending in reconciliation. Beside these three characters, there is the younger man and many really human beings who perhaps enter the little sphere in which the story seems truly to live. - The Moving Picture World, May 4, 1912