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  • We find in this picture the usual good quality in the acting of the players, with perhaps one exception, but not quite the usual grip on the emotions that is found in Biographs. It fails of being tense chiefly because of the obviousness of the means used to retard the danger side of the picture until the rescue side can catch up with it. Of course we don't know how it is to end, but we think we do, and the result in our emotions is the same. The photography is excellent. Clair McDowell plays a blind girl who has to take medicine. There is a bottle of poisonous antiseptic near that looks like it. Hector Dion plays a man in love with the blind girl's younger sister; but she elopes with Harry Carey and accidentally takes the medicine, leaving the poison which the blind girl's father, Lional Barrymore, thoughtlessly pours for her. - The Moving Picture World, March 22, 1913