• WARNING: Spoilers

    Tom and Jerry join a traveling circus as rough riders. After a few months of circus life Tom becomes dissatisfied and longs for the west At this juncture the circus is unable to meet expenses and is attached by the sheriff. Tom and Jerry, out of employment, sell their saddles and plan to leave at once for the west. A chance acquaintance springs up m the town between Tom, Jerry and two girls. Jerry carries his own and Tom's money from the sale of the saddles, and one of the girls unsuspectingly gets the money from Jerry's pocket. Tom and Jerry are unable to pay when the waiter of the café presents the bill. An argument results, and Tom shoots up the place. They are arrested and sentenced to fifteen days in jail. Upon their release Tom and Jerry join the U.S. Army and are sent with a detachment of recruits to do duty at Fort Apache, Ariz. Jessie, the wife of Lieut. Manning, arrives from the east simultaneously with the appearance of Torn and Jerry. Captain Shiers, the commanding officer, drills Tom and Jerry with other recruits. Captain Shiers becomes infatuated with Lieutenant Manning's wife, but the lieutenant overhears it all and encounters the captain, who leaves the house. Captain Shiers is informed that the paymaster will arrive at the depot, several miles away with money for the troops. The captain plots to get rid of the lieutenant and win his wife. He sends Lieutenant Manning with a small escort of troops to meet the paymaster. The captain then sends a half-breed Indian to notify some hostile Indians, whom Lieutenant Manning has kept subdued in the past, that they can avenge themselves on the lieutenant by attacking the stage. The half breed delivers the message to the Indians, who open fire on the stagecoach and surround it. The Indians also surround the station which has been fortified by the troopers. Captain Shiers at the fort has been trying to force his attentions again on Lieutenant Manning's wife, but with no success. The fight between the soldiers and Indians continues unabated. Tom and Jerry volunteer to go to the fort for help. There is another running fight, in which Tom falls from his horse, his foot catches in the stirrup and he is dragged. The horse falls; Tom gets free as Jerry rides up, and Tom jumps up behind Jerry, and they make another effort to reach the fort. Jerry is shot from his horse by pursuing Indians, and Tom, after seeing Jerry is lifeless, shoots and kills one of the Indians and rides onward. Tom arrives at Fort Apache and a detachment of troopers is dispatched immediately to the station. The Indians decide to burn up the station by another method. They take the wheels from the overturned stagecoach, tie rags on them and roll them downhill. This method is successful and the station soon becomes a mass of flames. The troopers still hold out. Mrs. Manning, at the fort, cares for Tom in the hospital. She goes to her home for medicine when she is again accosted by Captain Shiers. She repulses his actions; he becomes angry and tells her of his plan for revenge. He embraces her and she screams and there is a struggle. Tom, lying in the hospital, hears Mrs. Manning's screams. He slowly rises, takes his six-shooter and staggers to the home of Lieutenant Manning. He sees the struggle inside and shoots and kills Captain Shiers. The troopers sent from the fort now arrive and the Indians are defeated. The troopers in the burning station are rescued. Upon entering his home on arrival at the fort, Lieutenant Manning finds his wife nursing Tom. Mrs. Manning explains all to her husband, who shows his gratitude to Tom. Jerry is laid to rest with honors due a brave soldier.