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  • Warning: Spoilers
    To help her endure the grim reality of the slums, Maggie ( Mae Marsh ) indulges a taste for fiction and becomes a compulsive liar. Sadly as a result, when she pleads innocent to a shoplifting charge after the real thieves accuse her of the crime, no one believes the poor girl, and she is thrown in jail. Bobby ( Robert Harron ) a reporter who has taken an interest in her, works for her release, and Maggie begins keeping a diary. Then, when authorities give the diary to the judge who sentenced her, he recognizes Maggie has brilliant writing talent, and Bobby presents him with evidence clearing her of all guilt. Now Bobby and the judge rush to the prison to release Maggie, but they arrive too late, the poor girl has committed suicide in her cell.

    This very sad drama starring the popular pairing of Robert Harron and Mae Marsh, tragically now remains a lost silent film.