Quotes (8)

Title Card: The kitchen was filled with the Saturday night smell of corned beef and cabbage - mostly cabbage.

Title Card: Eva Mayer earned five dollars a week in the five and ten cent store.

Opening Title Card: One girl said that she had first yielded to temptation when she had become utterly discouraged because she had tried in vain for some months for a pair of shoes. She habitually spent two dollars a week for a room...... old shoes worn twice. When the shoes became too worn to endure a third soling she possessed but ninety cents toward a new pair. She gave up the struggle and to use her own contemptuous phrase, "She sold herself for a pair of shoes."

Title Card: Whatever happened, life must go on. Whatever boats are wrecked, the river does not stop flowing to the sea.

Lil: Remember that guy that rubbered at us outside the shoe store?

Mom Meyer: It's papa. He'd kill you. Quick now, sweetheart, bathe your eyes so's he won't think a thing.

Title Card: Every evening she scraped the caked mud from her bare, swollen feet.

Title Card: Oh, the softness and smoothness of the deep carpet against the soles of her weary feet.