About 40 seconds of footage has been preserved.

The film contains the largest number of costume changes by one performer (50) in any silent film. Coincidentally, the largest number of costume changes by a single performer in any film was Elizabeth Taylor 's 65 in Cleopatra (1963) .

The last two known prints were destroyed in fires at the Fox studios and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

According to the studio, this film cost $500,000 to produce and 2,000 people were employed behind the scenes.

Is on AFI's "Lost Films" list.

A few feet of this film were turned over to the George Eastman House by a private collector.

Even though a print of the film did not exist, this was the version that 20th Century-Fox was inspired to remake in 1958, the result being Cleopatra (1963) starring Elizabeth Taylor. Producer Walter Wanger was handed a parched script of the original film and told to update it and immediately go into production.

The film premiered in France at the Mogador Palace with a musical score by Paul Letombe, played by a 40 piece orchestra.