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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Important note: This is not a film review. I hope to be able to find and add as many silent film synopsis of films that have a survival status of unknown or presumed lost. I try to do as much research as I can and it is not my intention to deceive anyone, for sometimes the film does exist and some presumed lost films are still being discovered. I am more than delighted if someone has knowledge of a film listed as lost but survives, as I wish all silent films did survive. I hope the reader enjoys this brief synopsis.

    While running away from the authorities, Christopher Foy ( Monroe Salisbury ) is injured during his escape and finds safety at the mountain cabin of Colonel Vorhis ( W. H. Bainbridge ) and his daughter Stella ( Ruth Clifford ). Stella feels compassion for Foy, and the Colonel, admiring Foy's confession of guilt, takes steps to have him pardoned. He and Stella fall in love and Foy remains sincere, but when he is accused of cattle stealing, he again runs away. When John Wesley Pringle ( Rupert Julian ), who also loves Stella, learns that Foy is innocent but is the object of a conspiracy, he helps Foy by uncovering the plot. Despite his love for Stella, Pringle helps to prove that Foy is innocent so that Stella can find happiness with the man she loves.

    This 1917 western/drama was produced by Universal Film Manufacturing Company and starred the popular actress Ruth Clifford. Sadly this silent film is now presumed lost.