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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Innovative young bride Dodo Warren ( Madge Kennedy ), decides to take her three rejected suitors, Bobo Brown ( Walter Hiers ), Tommy Belden ( Kempton Greene ), and Dr. Elliott ( William Davidson ) along with her and her husband Herb ( George Forth ) on their honeymoon. Herb's protests fall on deaf ears, and soon all five are comfortably nestled in a Florida resort. Herb finds Dodo in what appears to be a compromising position with Dr. Elliott, but her heartfelt explanation convinces him of her innocence. A year later, Dodo tries to rescue Angie Martin ( Marguerite Marsh ), who has squabbled with her fiancé Bobo and therefore plans to attend a party with George Haywood. After calling Dr. Elliott, Dodo asks Bobo to accompany her to the party, which Angie fails to attend, and later that evening, the well-meaning young wife is locked into Haywood's apartment. Following a new round of explanations, Dodo promises never to look at another man again.

    This delightful 1918 comedy was produced by the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, with filming locations in Jacksonville and Tampa Florida and Lakewood New Jersey. Sadly it now remains unknown and hopefully it resurfaces for fans of silent cinema.