[first lines]

Title Card: On a barren, remote islet, there lived an odd, grizzled man.

Title Card: In Autumn, when the gray goose flies south, he met it on the way. Then there fell a heavy weight on the seaman's mind. Behind him a world of life and gaiety, before him the heavy winter.

Title Card: The crops failed, there was great want. The poor starve, the rich mourned.

Terje Vigen: All is lost.

Title Card: His cheeks whitened, he smiled, a smile that bode ill.

Terje Vigen: Terje Vigen is himself again. Before, I burned with lust for vengeance.

Title Card: The yacht headed for Hesnes sound. It flew the colors of the Norwegian flag.

Title Card: [final lines] He was laid to rest before the sun and the wind. And therefore, the grass was thick and green, sprinkled with wild flowers.