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  • "The Web of Desire" catches lonely, neglected housewife Ethel Clayton (as Grace) vulnerable while wheeler-dealer husband Rockliffe Fellowes (as John Miller) attends to matters at work. The once happy couple has gone "from rags to riches" in the business world. But, as Mr. Fellowes continues to toil, the beautiful Ms. Clayton becomes susceptible to the charms of sneaky business rival Richard Turner (as Stuart Mordant), who wants to gain control of the company.

    This is another of Clayton's lost features. A critically acclaimed silent actress, Clayton rose from #75 (for 1917) to #20 (for 1918) in the annual "Motion Picture Magazine" poll of popular players, with this film one of many contributing.

    In "Photoplay" (May 1917), film critic Julian Johnson wrote, "In 'The Web of Desire' you will find one of the most carefully made and convincing World (Pictures) photoplays in many months. The story is the lifelike one of two people happy in poverty and obscurity, intensely unhappy in wealth, minor celebrity and the search for more wealth. Ethel Clayton, Rockliffe Fellowes and Stuart Turner have the chief roles, and the play is excellently and carefully staged."

    ***** The Web of Desire (3/5/17) Emile Chautard ~ Ethel Clayton, Rockliffe Fellowes, Richard Turner, Madge Evans