This movie is presumed lost.

Although frequently listed as a Universal production, this movie was an independent production produced by Rupert Julian for Renowned Pictures. Julian licensed the distribution rights to Renowned, who in turn sold the rights to Universal Jewel for world-wide distribution. Julian was such a convincing Kaiser that he was asked to reprise the role in many subsequent films. The film was a blockbuster when it was released, and Universal spared no expense in advertising their megahit. Carl Laemmle pushed the film to the theater owners as hard as he sold it to the viewing public. "A whirlwind of Applause - A Landslide of Money," "Unparalleled Receipts," and "The Picture That Blocked Traffic on Broadway" were some of the headlines for ads run in trade publications in an attempt to get theater owners to book the picture. Sadly, prints of the film no longer survive, and this title is on the American Film Institute's list of the "Ten Most Wanted" lost films. The film was also known as THE KAISER. In 1919, a short parody of the film was released titled THE GEEZER OF BERLIN.

Is on AFI's "Lost Films" list.