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  • This 1919 silent drama was produced by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company. It starred the beautiful actress Mae Murray along with Rudolph Valentino. Tragically, this film is still presumed lost and all I can offer the reader is this brief synopsis

    After Arathea Manning ( Mae Murray ) loses her hearing during an epidemic of scarlet fever among the children she teaches, her fiancé Arthur Endicott ( Rudolph Valentino ), who is involved with another woman, complains of always having to shout to make himself heard. An inventor, Gerald Staples ( Allan Sears ), gives Arathea an earphone, a device to restore her hearing, but one of her problem pupils, in a fit of rage, breaks it. Gerald asks Arathea, whom he calls "The Big Little Person -- small in size, but big in ideas," to be the secretary of his new company marketing the invention. He falls in love with her and plays the piano for her even though she hears only rumblings. Arthur, frustrated and jealous of Gerald, grinds the ring he gave Arathea under his heel, causing her to faint and gash her head. When Gerald finds her, he comforts her by playing the piano and they discover that the fall has restored her hearing.