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  • Warning: Spoilers
    While eloping, Madge Mullin ( Gladys Cooper ) is tragically killed when thrown from a stagecoach carelessly driven by Arthur Stowell ( Jack Walters ), engineer of a surveying crew. Timid Bob Ryan ( Pete Morrison ), who was also in love with her, swears revenge and follows the engineer, who has taken the alias of Bull Thompson. Bull robs the coach carrying the payroll to the men, framing Bob, who then is saved by the village fool ( Barney Furey ) from being hanged. This man reveals evidence clearing Bob and convicting Thompson, who admits to his former identity. Bob decides to remain in town with his new love, Frances Wilson ( Dorothy Dickson ), whom he has saved from a runaway coach.

    Sadly this early silent drama/adventure distributed through the Arrow Film Corporation is now considered a lost film.