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  • When Andrew Gibson's ( Herbert Rawlinson ) father dies and leaves shares of his piano manufacturing business to his workmen, he inherits many troubles . To add to his problems, Andrew's girl, Nora Gorodna ( Catherine Calvert ) , is being pursued by José Ferra ( Macey Harlam ) , one of the workmen; and Lila Normand ( Peggy Worth ), a society girl, tricks Andrew into proposing. José finds out about the proposal and informs Nora. Andrew tries to solve the factory difficulties by turning the plant over to the workmen. No longer having a job, Andrew is rejected by Lila, and Nora has accepted José. Andrew goes to the Maine woods for a rest, while José hires thugs and begins to destroy the factory. Andrew returns in time to head off José's plans and to convince Nora he loves her, she happily forsakes José.

    This 1921 comedy/drama was produced by the short-lived film company, Outlook Photoplays and starred actress Catherine Calvert. Sadly it remains a lost silent film.