Bridget: And so she runs to Dublin, worryin' her heart out that he's been kilt entirely. Sure, there's no such luck!

Enid of Cashell: Are *you* the one I love the best?

Aileen Barrett: Are you the one I love the best?

Bridget: If the pigs would eat it I'd feed it to them. But even a pig has its breedin'.

Sir John Mansfield: WIth your dark hair and your fair skin and your sky blue eyes - lucky the man who finds your heart!

Sir Fergus Cassidy: Your eyes are like Killarney's Lakes! I've gazed into their depths and found another song!

John Barrett: She's with that palaverin' poet again. Sure, he'll turn the head of the poor thing.

Sybil: Are you a friend of Bulmer Meade?

Aileen Barrett: I was to have been his wife.

Sybil: You're just another one, my poor girl. It's lucky you are not his wife.

Sir Fergus Cassidy: That I might hope, Aileen, that is my wish.

Aileen Barrett: Please don't, Sir Fergus, lest I lose my friend.