Preserved by The Library of Congress in 2016. Restored print premiered at The State Theater in Culpeper, VA, on June 18, 2016.

George Spink, who plays the butler, wrote a score for full orchestra for the premiere of this film, but it is apparently lost.

The DVD was produced in 2016 by Edward Lorusso with music by Ben Model.

Because the original story described Aileen as having a fair complexion and dark hair, Marion Davies wore a black wig. In the medieval arc as Enid, she wore an elaborate blonde wig.

The first of many films in which Marion Davies played a dual role, here playing Aileen Barrett in the modern story and Enid of Cashell in the medieval arc.

Marion Davies' 12th starring film since 1917.

The title in the film's opening credits reads "The Bride's Play".

Final film for Thea Talbot.