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  • Important note: This is not a film review. I hope to be able to find and add as many silent film synopsis of films that have a survival status of unknown or presumed lost. I try to do as much research as I can and it is not my intention to deceive anyone, for sometimes the film does exist and some presumed lost films are still being discovered. I am more than delighted if someone has knowledge of a film listed as lost but survives, as I wish all silent films did survive. I hope the reader enjoys this brief synopsis.

    Harley P. Hennage ( Henry B. Walthall ), town gambler, takes under his protection Dana Corbaly ( Marjorie Daw ) when her widowed mother dies. He becomes suspicious of the motives of Bob McGraw ( Ralph Graves ), a young engineer who has come to town to investigate the mining claim of Dana's father, John Corbaly ( Leonard Clapham ). But events reveal that he is only the tool of Corbaly's former partner, capitalist T. Morgan Carey ( Boyd Irwin ). The land is retained by Dana, but in the process Bob is injured and Hennage is killed.

    This 1922 silent western was based on the novel The Long Chance by Peter Bernard Kyne, directed by Jack Conway, starring Henry B. Walthall, Marjorie Daw and Ralph Graves. The survival status of The Long Chance (1922) is listed in the American Silent Feature Film Database as; No holdings located in archives.