[first title card]

Title Card: Betting on a horse isn't the quickest way to lose money ~~ But it's the surest.

Title Card: The Gang ~ They have established a big business on borrowed capital ~ somebody loaned them fifty cents ~

Title Card: Jack ~ Some neighbors say he'll be hanged when he grows up ~ Others hope it will happen sooner ~

Mickey: The lemonade is great! Nobody'll ever know the pup fell in it ~

Title Card: Sing Joy ~~ Popular with the gang ~~ They can all lick him ~~

Title Card: The Horse Owner ~ He's not exactly dishonest ~ But is broadminded on the subject ~~

Ernie: Talk Inglish ~ Ah don't understand chop sooey!

Title Card: Derby Day ~ When a small boy gets a "great idea" there's only one safe thing for the neighbors to do ~ Move out ~

[last lines]

Mickey: Cops! The plant's pinched!