Georgia: You see, I'm very particular who I dance with.

Title Card: Three days from anywhere. A Lone Prospector.

Title Card: Blissful ignorance.

[last lines]

Photographer: Hold! Still!

[Lone Prospector and Georgia kiss]

Photographer: Oh! You've spoilt the picture.

Jack Cameron: [to Georgia] How's the little spitfire?

Georgia: I guess you're lonesome here.

The Lone Prospector: Yes Mam.

Georgia: Why don't you invite us to dinner sometime?

The Lone Prospector: Oo! Yes Mam.

GeorgiaGeorgia's Friend #1Georgia's Friend #2Georgia's Friend #3: [Lone Prospector's daydream] Speech! Speech!

The Lone Prospector: I'm so h-h-happy - Oh, I can't - - But I'll dance the Oceana Roll.

[proceeds with the Oceana Roll dance]

Georgia: He's wonderful!

The Lone Prospector: Have you seen Georgia? Where's Georgia? Where's Georgia?

Big Jim McKay: [to the manicurist] No, no, not the nails - the corns.

Reporter: Gee! This will make a wonderful story.

The Lone Prospector: Don't forget the bacon.