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  • This Billy Bevan comedy is unusual because it has more major gags in it than three comparable films of the era! It sure packs them in and you can't help but laugh at all the silliness.

    Billy works at a film studio where lots of things keep going wrong. First, while filming, the camera man and director nearly get dropped off a building. This stunt is funny and rather realistic. Second, Billy looks in a keyhole at what he THINKS is a lady taking a bath--and she's soon joined by a man! This gag was actually shown in the Robert Youngson comedy compilation film WHEN COMEDY WAS KING and it is quite funny. Third, Billy takes a tumble out a window for a very hair-raising fall. Fourth, a lion gets out of its cage and runs around the lot. The lion actually appeared to be a very gentle and sweet animal--I was surprised they found one that tame. Fifth, the lion hops in a car driven by Billy and an older woman in the back seat gets into a funny and heated wrestling match with the lion.

    All this takes place in only about 8 minutes--making this a very fast and attention-getting film! The only negative is that the film doesn't have much of a narrative--it's one gag after another. Still, compared to other comedies of the day, this one is much better than average and will definitely keep your attention.
  • Ace director Sol Hogwash gets into scrapes a la SAFETY LAST with both cameraman and director hazardously sliding in and out windows high above the traffic filled street - no trams, but plenty of fancy turning in intersection. Studio driver (Billy Bevan using moustache to usual effect) spies thro' keyhole on the star who seems to be in the bath, but revealed simply on couch. Billy lets the studio lion loose, frightening the stylishly dressed and slinky star and her uppity elder male patron. Somehow, the limousine takes off with lion, not lady, with much tussling in the back seat amid traffic. Lots of rushing about antics and pulling faces by a cast who had done this stuff before, but get a kick out of sending up their workplace, it seems.