This film survives in the MGM archive but is missing one reel.

A full color poster of "Lovely Mary" appears in "Singin' In The Rain" M-G-M (1952) in the lobby of the cinema just after the hilarious scene of "Lockwood & Lamont's" first preview talkie "The Duelling Cavalier". Gene Kelly, Jean Hagen and Donald O'Connor stand in the lobby as the public file out of the cinema saying how bad the film was; and the poster can be seen behind Donald O'Connor's shoulder.

According to the book MGM: Hollywood's Greatest Backlot, the entire town of Cabbage Patch, where this film takes place, was built on Lot One at MGM Studios. Long after the set had been dismantled and Lot One converted into a parking lot, the area was still nicknamed Cabbage Patch by studio employees.