Dr. Arthur Burdon: Your niece is certainly the most beautiful patient I have ever had.

Haddo's Library Book: The Creation of human Beings by Alchemistry has been accomplished by means of this formula. These Ingredients must be kept at a Temperature of 115 Degrees fahrenheit; to them add the heart Blood of a Maiden. After this is done the first Signs of Life will be observed.

Dr. Arthur Burdon: He looks as if he had stepped out of a melodrama.

Title Card: In the snake charmer's tent.

Oliver Haddo: The man has a horned viper - the deadliest of all snakes.

Oliver Haddo: If you wish to see strange things I have the power to show them to you.

Haddo's Library Book: In selecting the Subject for obtaining this heart Blood, a Maiden of fair Skin, golden hair, Eyes that are blue or grey is essential.

Margaret Dauncey: I have never been Haddo's wife... We are married in name only!

Title Card: Night... and the lights of the Sorcerer's tower gleaming through the storm like two evil eyes.