Worker #1: But where is our mediator, Maria - ?

Maria: Wait for him! He will surely come!

Worker #2: We will wait, Maria...! But not much longer - - !

Freder: Your magnificant city, Father - and you the brain of this city - and all of us in the city's light - - and where are the people, father, whose hands built your city - - - ?

Joh Frederson: Where they belong...

Freder: Where they belong...? In the depths...?

Man at Yoshiwara Nightclub: For her - all seven deadly sins!

Maria: Today I will tell you the legend of THE TOWER OF BABEL... "Come, let us build us a tower whose top may reach unto the stars! And the top of the tower we will write the words: Great is the world and its Creator! And great is Man!" But the minds that had conceived the Tower of Babel could not build it. The task was too great. So they hired hands for wages. But the hands that built the Tower of Babel knew nothing of the dream of the brain that had conceived it. BABEL. BABEL. BABEL. BABEL. One man's hymns of praise became other men's curses. People spoke the same language, but could not understand each other...

Maria: Look! These are your brothers! Look - ! These are your brothers!

11811 - Georgy:

  • the machine!... Someone has to stay at the machine!

The Machine Man: [disguised as Maria] Women and men, let no one miss today - ! Death to the machines - !

Moving Title Card: As - deep - as lay - the workers' - city below the - earth, so high above - it towered the complex - known as the "Club of the - Sons," with its lecture halls and - libraries, its theaters and stadiums.

Freder: MOLOCH!

Freder: To the new Tower of Babel - to my father - !

Joh Frederson: What were you doing in the machine halls, Freder?

Freder: I wanted to look into the faces of the people whose little children are my brothers, my sisters...

Freder: What if one day those in the depths rise up against you?

Worker #3: Get your women, your sons, from the worker's city! Let no one stay behind! Death to the machines - !

The Machine Man: [disguised as Maria] Leave the machines - ! Let them race to their death -! To the Heart Machine - !

The Machine Man: [disguised as Maria] Let's all watch as the world goes to the devil!

Flash Card: One man's hymn of praise became other men's curses

Flash Card: "Do not despair; one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume; one of the thieves was damned." Saint Augustine

Moving Title Card: Deep below - the earth's surface - lay the worker's city.

Maria: Oh mediator, have you finally come?

Freder: You called me - - here I am!

Monk in the Pulpit: Verily, I say unto you, the days spoken of in the Apocalypse are nigh!

Freder: I must have a person who is faithful to me, Josaphat - how else will I be able to fulfill my destiny - ?

C.A. Rotwang - the Inventor: Come! It is time to give the Machine-Man your face!

C.A. Rotwang - the Inventor: She is the most perfect and most obedient tool which mankind ever possessed! Tonight you will see her succeed before the upper ten thousand. You will see her dance...

The Machine Man: [disguised as Maria] Who is the living food for the machines in Metropolis - ? Who lubricates the machine joints with their own blood - ? Who feeds the machines with their own flesh - ? Let the machines starve, you fools - ! Let them die - ! Kill them - the machines - !

Joh Frederson: [Talking on a video phone] Open the gates! Open the gates, I said!

Grot - the Guardian of the Heart Machine: If the Heart Machine is destroyed the entire machine district will end up in ruins - !

Grot - the Guardian of the Heart Machine: Who told you to attack the machines, you fools? Without them you'll all die!

Working Woman: It's the witch's fault - !