Alternate Versions (1)

  • In honor of the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of VUFKU (The All-Ukrainian Photo-Cinema Administration), the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Film Centre implemented a digital restoration of "Dva Dni" ("Two Days") on the orders of the State Film Agency of the Ukraine. It was released on DVD in 2011, as part of the collection "Ukrainian Re-Vision" ("Ukrainske Nime"). This version has a running time of 60 minutes and features scores by Borys Liatoshynsky (1932) and Yurii Mykhalchuk/DJ U-Ra (2011). The latter was commissioned by the "Mute Nights" festival or film and contemporary music in Odessa. Because the original Ukrainian intertitles were replaced by Russian intertitles in the Stalin era, the restorers had to refer to other sources in reinstating them. The references used were the director's script, published in the book "Scripts of Soviet Ukrainian Cinema" (Kyiv: State Publishing House of Fine Arts and Music Literature, 1957), and information published in Kino magazine (no. 7, 1927: pp8-9).