Johnnie Gray: [to the recruiter who rejects him] If you lose this war don't blame me.

[last lines]

Recruiter: [after Johnnie has brought back The General] Occupation?

Johnnie Gray: Soldier!

Title: There were two loves in his life: his engine and...

[cut to his sweetheart's photograph]

[first lines]

Annabelle's brother: Fort Sumter has been fired upon.

Mr. Lee: Then the war is here.

Annabelle's brother: Yes, dad, and I'm going to be one of the first to enlist.

Annabelle Lee: Did Johnnie enlist?

Annabelle's brother: He didn't even get in line.

Mr. Lee: He's a disgrace to the South.

[first title card]

Title: The Western and Atlantic Flyer speeding into Marietta, Ga., in the Spring of 1861.

Title: After a nice, quiet, refreshing night's rest.

[last title card]

Title: Heroes of the day.

Annabelle Lee: Why didn't you enlist?

Johnnie Gray: They wouldn't take me.

Annabelle Lee: Please don't lie - I don't want you to speak to me again until you are in uniform.

Annabelle Lee: Aren't you going to enlist?

Johnnie Gray: Three men stole my General. I think they are deserters.

Captain Anderson: This girl was in the baggage car when we stole the train, so I thought it best to hold her.