Hard-Boiled Haggerty (1927) Poster


MILTON SILLS and MOLLY O'DAY in a drama of a hard-boiled airman and a girl who softened his heart (Print Ad- Wood County Democrat, ((Quitman, Texas)) 19 October 1927)
YOU'LL SAY IT'S THE BEST THING SILLS EVER DID (Print Ad-Albany Evening News ((Albany NY)) 12 December 1927)
When he wasn't flying over No Man's Land, he was high-flying on the boulevards of Paris. But a little French girl brought him down to earth, looking for the thing they called 'love'! (Print Ad- Santa Cruz Evening News, ((Santa Cruz Calif.)) 30 January 1928)
Let Milton Sills show you Paris as out Doughboys knew it! He'll take you sky high in a fighting romance that has more thrills than a non-stop flight to Europe! (Print Ad-Gettysburg Times, ((Gettysburg, Penna.)) 29 December 1927)
He fought the tongues of flame with courage that made him the pride of the air force. (Print Ad-Douglas Daily Dispatch, ((Douglas, Ariz.)) 14 February 1928)
Sills as a hard boiled-devil-may-care lieutenant of the skies. His greatest picture since "Men of Steel." (Print Ad-San Jose News, ((San Jose, Calif.)) 16 March 1928)

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