Production filmed at Mammoth Lakes, California, and the cast and crew stayed at the Tamarack Lodge. Lina Basquette said in her autobiography that the film crew consisted of twenty-two people, "twenty men, Ranger and me".

Jerome Storm disliked the over-used Mammoth Lake location and wanted to move the production Devils Postpile, a nearby national monument famous for its Basalt column formations. After much negotiating, the production company relented, allowing Storm the money and resources to make the trip.

The production encountered electrical storms, mud slides and heavy rain while filming at Devil's Postpile in Madera County, California.

Lina Basquette got along extremely well with the star of the film, Ranger the Dog. He would sleep with her at night while they were working on location.

The budget was so tight cast members frequently helped carry items and perform other tasks while on location. Lina Basquette helped carry camera cases and reflectors, helped maintain the horses, and even took over script supervising duties.

Locations in Madera County, California, were so primitive that the crew had to travel to many locations on horseback and in donkey carts.

Production was so strenuous that Lina Basquette collapsed from abdominal pains.

While Lina Basquette was working on this film, her then-husband Sam Warner was busy supervising post-production on The Jazz Singer (1927).