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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Early Joan Crawford War Drama (silent) with the French-Indian war as a backdrop. Joan is the love interest for Tim McCoy but definitely takes a back seat to the drama that unfolds between the French, Indian and English populations who are at war with each other and will fight to the death. Tim McCoy is a stalwart actor, more accustomed to westerns, and with the same kind of approach as he was in the battle scenes. Somewhat historically accurate, but took certain situations and make them rife for drama. Joan pleading to be saved and not having her lover killed and wanting to sacrifice herself. The copy I saw online, was pretty choppy, but nonetheless an interesting curio, complete with powdered wigs in many scenes since this was pre- revolutionary war. The Native American characters were actually portrayed somewhat sympathetically and by actual native Americans. Jean Arthur has a bit part but I could not recognize her in the print I reviewed. This is a good antique for those interested in seeing the French-Indian war depicted. For Joan Crawford fans, it was hard to recognize at first, for her mannerisms are quite demure in this film.