Tommy and Polly first meet at the intersection of Selma Ave. and Cahuenga Ave. in Hollywood. The building featuring the Chrisney Drug Co. sign still stands as of 2015. The corner entrance famously housed The Spotlight, a gay bar, from 1963 to 2011.

Turner Classic Movies premiered the print on television on 2 December 2007. The only crew credits shown was on the title page ("A Jack Conway Production"); the crew credits in the IMDb database is from the AFI Catalogue of Feature Films, 1921-30, which are obtained from studio records and/or copyright submissions.

When Tommy is being collected by his valet and chauffeur from the Red Lantern Inn at the start of the film, Harry Gribbon can be seen to mouth "Home, James" to the driver.

The $25 for the lace handkerchief would equate to over $370 in 2019.

"The Big Four" was the actual name of the United States' polo team that played for the International Cup (also known as the Westchester Cup) against the team from the United Kingdom in matches from 1909 to at least 1927. Tommy, in this film, is said to be modeled after Thomas Hitchcock, Jr. (1900-1944), who was a member of the team that won four consecutive matches in 1921, 1924, 1927, and 1930.

For the big match against the UK team, footage from a Westchester Cup match held at the Meadow Brook Polo Club in Westbury, New York was used along with film shot specifically for this picture at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.