Barbara Stanwyck had played Bonny King on stage (under her original name, Ruby Stephens) and tested for the film, but Paramount decided to use Nancy Carroll because she, unlike Stanwyck, had already made films and therefore had a movie "name".

779 feet of 2-strip Technicolor footage occurs in Reel #7, from 1:00 to 1:08, and consists of the Ziegfeld Follies production number, survives in archival holdings, but can only be seen in black and white in the presently circulating DVD version.

This was Oscar Levant's first acting role in a feature film.

The screenplay was based on the Broadway production "Burlesque" by George Manker Watters and Arthur Hopkins, which opened on September 1, 1927 and ran for 372 performances.

Future director Edward Dmytryk was given his first assistant editing assignment (uncredited) on this film.

John Cromwell: as a doorman.

A. Edward Sutherland: as a theater attendant.