In September 1928 Warner Bros. Pictures purchased a majority interest in First National Pictures, and from that point on all "First National" productions were actually made under Warner Bros. control, even though the two companies continued to retain separate identities until the mid-'30s, after which time "A Warner Bros.-First National Picture" was often used.

A 35mm positive print is held by the Danish Film Museum.

In a separately filmed trailer, Vitaphone production reel #2929, Creighton Hale tells the audience about the film. This trailer was copyrighted on February 28, 1929 (description copyright March 1, 1929), under the title "Announcing Creighton Hale in Seven Footprints to Satan".

Vitaphone production reels #3001-2006

The only currently available version is silent, with Italian intertitles.

The film was not released by Warner Archive Collection on DVD.

A 35mm positive print is held by the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana.