In an attempt to assure Stan Laurel that the safety platforms erected around the girder set were safe, Oliver Hardy leapt down from the wooden girders onto one. Unfortunately, they weren't safe. Hardy crashed right through the safety platform, fortunately falling only 20 feet into a safety net erected as a backup.

Released in silent and limited sound versions.

The building under construction in 1928 that served as a location for the climactic scenes in this short was the Western Costume building at 939 South Broadway, Los Angeles. The building still stands (as of 2018) just South of the United Artists Theatre building (1926). While The Boys are on the girders, views to the South show the then-new Western Pacific Building (1925) at 1031 South Broadway; the triangular block of buildings at South Broadway where Broadway Place once cut an angle from Tenth Street (now Olympic Blvd.) and Broadway to Main Street (the entire block, including Broadway Place, has been replaced by an apartment complex); a large sign advertising the Sunday Examiner newspaper, atop the 10-story Los Angeles Railway Building (1925), which is kitty-corner across the street from the Herald Examiner headquarters; and in the distance, the twin steeples of St Joseph's Catholic Church (1901-1903, destroyed by fire in 1983) at 12th and South Los Angeles Streets.