Minister: Don't you understand? It is the beginning of the rainbow - - the fulfilment of the sacrifice.

Al: You mean - there will be no more war?

Minister: I mean that war is now an outlaw, and will be hunted from the face of the earth. Those ten million men have not died in vain.

Travis: You can't do this Al. Listen, ol' fellow, you can't go without me. You haven't forgotten. We promised to stick together.

Al: The only way we can stick together, Travis, is for you to go my way.

Travis: I could lick the guy that said there was a yellow streak in you!

Travis: So long, old boy - - see you - in Berlin.

Travis: So long, old boy - - see you - in heaven!

Al: This war is more than just a fight. It's more like a funeral. And everybody ought to be in the procession or the hearse.

Nickoloff: You are German, are you not? A pretty girl like you should be riding in a private compartment.

The Frenchman: There is no God, gentlemen, there is only a Goddess. Her name is woman - and she's a Devil!

Al: What do you say we have another drink, baby? Here's to France, may she never grow old.

Travis: Must be great to be a dog! Yuh don't have to go to war an' yuh don't have to obey orders!

Travis: Some day those beerhounds are gonna get me mad.

Nickoloff: Isn't my pretty little German girl on the wrong side of the lines?

Minister: As the Ark prevailed upon the flood waters, Oh, God, so let Thy righteousness prevail in this Deluge of Blood! The Flood - - it was a Deluge of Water drowning a World of Lust! This War - it is a Deluge of Blood drowning a World of Hate! The Flood and the War - God Almighty's Parallel of the Ages.

King Nephilim: Rich have been the harvests of field and hill. Wherefore, shall we not pay tribute to the mightiest of the gods, Jaghuth? When the next cycle of the moon rises from the Syrian hills, we shall sacrifice to Jaghuth the fairest virgin of our people.

Minister: That was the end of a world of lust and sin - - God made His covenant and the rainbow appeared in the heavens. Above the deluge of blood, and the graves of ten million men, shall not the rainbow of a new covenant appear - the covenant of peace?